1. Lucica says:

    Yes I have Kohleria to sale. I’ll contact you by email.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Luci,

    As I mentioned earlier while request to friend you on Facebook for purchasing ‘Luci’s Puzzel’ rhysomes. Could I get more details? Thanks!


  3. Luci says:

    I’ve sent you an email, Jane.

  4. Yasemin says:

    Hi did you sell kohlerias can you sent me the price list pls thank you

  5. rentier says:

    Dobrý den , máte na prodej rhizomy kohlerí, poprosil bych seznam co je na prodej,jaké druhy kohlerií , a jakým způsobem se provádí platba. Děkuji . Rentier

    • Lucica says:

      Dobrý den Rentier,
      V současné době nejsem k dispozici od Kohler oddenků. V březnu Myslím, že můžeme mluvit.
      Prosím, kontaktujte mě v březnu.

  6. Paul Susi says:

    Hello Luci,

    I am preparing a program on kohlerias for the Tampa Bay Gesneriad Society and I would like to know if I could have permission to use some of your images. Many of your hybrids are quite striking. Paul

    • Luci says:

      Hello Paul,
      I am honored by this. I am glad that my hybrids are appreciated.
      Sure, you can use my photos. I would love to see the article.
      Regards from Romania,

  7. Elena says:

    do you sheep to Russia?I’d like to buy several flowers)

  8. morteza hakkak says:

    I like to buy some seeds and also i need some help of how to grow them I do have some they just grow and a few flowers, thank you

  9. Hasarigirl says:

    Hi luci , do you selling ? Can you send me katalog ?

  10. Rodica says:

    Buna Lucica, caut de mai multi ani Saintpaulia EK-Lubasha. Crezi c-as putea spera la o plantuta sau macar 2-3 frunze? Multumesc.

  11. nicoleta says:

    Va felicit pt varietatea de plante deosebite pe care le detineti si vas ruga daca se poate sa cumpar bulbi sau plante de minisinigii.

  12. Mandy Leung says:

    Hi Lucia,
    Do you have sale Kohleria Ni’s Nasca? I live in Hong Kong

  13. Özgül Yıldırım says:

    Hi Luci
    I am from Turkey
    Do you have sale Kohleria?
    Can i will order?
    Thank you

  14. mirela says:

    foarte frumoase toate florile..felicitari!
    rizomi de achimenes vindeti?

  15. Rodica says:

    Buna , as dori sa stiu ce pret au Kohleriile ? si as mai vrea sa stiu daca aveti Epiphyllum , multumesc .

    • Lucica says:

      Buna Rodica, multumesc de vizita si aprecieri. Am sa-ti raspund pe mail la intrebarile tate. Numai bine.

  16. Marina says:

    Good day!Lovely flowers You have,amazing! Can I buy Kohler? I’m from Russia you send?

  17. Gorgan Izabela says:

    Hello, I like to order a Kholeria. Please, can you tell me witch variety you have. I like very much red or red with yellow and white.
    I’m whaiting your answer.
    Thank you!

  18. Türkan says:

    Hi, I would like to order kohleria.Can I learn how much you sell them for. What varieties do you have? I am looking forward to your reply….

  19. LEYLA says:

    Hello there. I want to buy sinningia please.

  20. Rodica Draghici says:

    Am inteles acum ca sinteti in Romania. Care sint sansele de a trimite diferite plante in Canada? Tot ce aveti sint asa de fromoase…nick nu pot sa descriu……

  21. Grofu says:

    Buna seara. Aveti chirite de vanzare?

  22. Anna says:

    Hi Lucica, I would like to order kohleria.

  23. melinda says:

    Buna ziua,aveti kohleria de vanzare?

  24. Magda says:

    Cum pot da comanda as dori și eu

  25. Gabriela Boghiu says:

    Buna seara!
    Aveți de vânzare rizomi de kohleria? Mulțumesc!

  26. elena Mihai says:

    Bună!!Iubesc Kohleriile. Aveți o colecție deosebită. Doresc să cumpăr și eu rizomi sau plăntuțe. Cum pot lua legătura cu dumneavoastră?

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